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Recruiting Research Subjects: Free Body Fat Assessment & up to $20 Compensation
We are seeking research subjects for ONE 2 ½ - 3 hour in-person session looking at comfort during moderate exercise. No blood draw or overnight fast. Free body fat test and up to $20. Call/email if interested: 806-742-5194,

Originator: Shao Hua Chin            Posted On :   3/13/2018

International Students Needed For Study
We are looking for International Students to participate in a research study on their experiences in a college campus.

Originator: Andrew Herridge            Posted On :   3/13/2018

Test Your Knowledge of Women in History
Sponsored by the Women's & Gender Studies

Originator: Patricia Earl            Posted On :   3/13/2018
Research * Academic * Departmental 

Participants needed for PAID research opportunity for a study on Social Media
A paid, online research on social media and intimate partner relationships is being conducted. Participants must be 18 years or older and in a committed relationship. Participants will receive a $10 gift card for completing the online survey.

Originator: Tetiana Sukach            Posted On :   3/13/2018

STEMinar: Margaret Wertheim's Women in Science
Join us for Margaret Wertheim's talk on Women in STEM. Margaret is a Ted Talk speaker and her work has been recognized across the globe. Come join us as she talks about Women in Science and the important role they have historically played.

Originator: Jessica Spott            Posted On :   3/13/2018
Research * Lectures & Seminars * Academic 

Announcing the Dr. Sarah Kulkofsky Scholarship Recipient for 2018 - 2019
The Center for Active Learning and Undergraduate Engagement and scholarship committee would like to congratulate Mari Carrillo as the scholarship recipient of the 2018-2019 Dr. Sarah Kulkofsky Scholarship for Social Sciences.

Originator: Jerylme Robins            Posted On :   3/13/2018
Research * Academic 

Free Food, Fun, and a chance to win Scholarship Money!
Register online by March 20th for the undergraduate symposium on "Identity and Resistance in Global Contexts":

Originator: Alec Cattell            Posted On :   3/13/2018
Research * Academic