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Fidelity Investments available for Financial Advice
A financial adviser from Fidelity Investments is taking appointments.

Originator: LaDonna Johnson            Posted On :   12/4/2017

DigitalMeasures New Developments
Announcing Two New Developments with DigitalMeasures!

Originator: Betty Thomas            Posted On :   12/4/2017
IT Announcements * Academic * Departmental 

Hours of Operation During Finals

Originator: LISA Gould            Posted On :   12/4/2017
Academic * Departmental * Faculty/Staff Organization 

"In Search of Our Better Angels: A Brief History of American Civil Religion"
Philip Gorski, Professor of Sociology at Yale University, will be delivering his lecture entitled "In Search of Our Better Angels: A Brief History of American Civil Religion" in the Escondido Theater of the SUB today, December 4th, at 5:30 p.m.

Originator: Katie Howell            Posted On :   12/4/2017
Lectures & Seminars * Academic * Departmental 

Lowered Flag at Memorial Circle
The Texas Tech flag at Memorial Circle is lowered today in memory of Jack Thomas Grant. He was a freshman in the College of Arts & Sciences. Jack passed away on November 22, 2017.

Originator: Deborah Green            Posted On :   12/4/2017
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