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International Students Needed For Study
We are looking for International Students to participate in a research study on their experiences in a college campus.

Originator: Andrew Herridge            Posted On :   2/12/2019

Research study: 16-Week Weight Loss Program
Seeking research subjects for 16-week weight loss study. Total possible compensation $310. ALL learn practical weight loss strategies. Some receive FDA approved medicine for weight loss. Call/email if interested: 806-742-5194,

Originator: Wei-Lin Huang            Posted On :   2/12/2019

Research Open House
The Center for Early Head Start (EHS) and the Christine DeVitt and Helen DeVitt Jones Child Development Research Center (CDRC) will be hosting an open house to explore opportunities and collaborations showcasing our new research equipment.

Originator: Stacy Johnson            Posted On :   2/12/2019
Research * Academic * Departmental 

COUPLES! Earn $40 by participating in a study!
Romantic couples are needed in a study in which you and your partner will participate in discussions.

Originator: Jayla Head            Posted On :   2/12/2019

Are you a Graduate Student from India or China?
We are exploring the study environments
of international graduate students.

Originator: Ibtihaj Alsadun            Posted On :   2/12/2019

$20 Starbucks gift card for each military veteran participant - Study at TTNI
Looking for U.S. military veterans who served minimum 1 year.

Originator: Danny Choi            Posted On :   2/12/2019

Short study on making associations
Researchers in the psychology department are recruiting participants for a study about creativity. The full study takes less than 30 minutes.

Originator: Francesco Donato            Posted On :   2/11/2019

We are currently conducting a study and would like to invite you to participate
The study aims to determine the cardiovascular fitness, physical activity, and
motor function profiles of young adults with autism in comparison to their
peers without autism.

Originator: Taylor Brooks            Posted On :   2/12/2019

Paid Research Participants Needed
Offering $60 for improving Attention and Self-Control. The study is interested in individual differences in performance following magnetic brain stimulation. All students including those who use substance are eligible for this study.

Originator: Gavin Ueland            Posted On :   2/12/2019