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19th Street Construction Update
Weather permitting, crews will close and repave Flint Ave. on Friday, May 19, and Boston Ave. on Saturday, May 20. Be prepared for delays. All dates and times are subject to change.

Originator: Katelynn Horton            Posted On :   5/18/2023
Academic * Departmental 

Get a Master's Degree in Biotechnology!
Earn a One- or Two-Year Master of Science in the cutting-edge field of Biotechnology.

Originator: Shannon Sears            Posted On :   5/17/2023

Conflict of Interest Disclosures
Any TTU faculty, staff, or student who has access to shop or approve transactions in TechBuy, or who has a pcard or is authorized to purchase on a departmental pcard shall provide a conflict of interest disclosure to comply with State of Texas law.

Originator: Chris Gerik            Posted On :   5/17/2023
Academic * Departmental 

Need ONE more credit hour? Register NOW for PFI 4101
DO NOT graduate from Texas Tech without taking PFI 4101! Are you looking for a one hour course designed to teach you about job searching, employee benefits, taxes, investing options, and insurance? Well, we have the course for you!

Originator: Jennifer Wilson            Posted On :   5/17/2023

Register for PFI 1302 – Cultural and Gender Diversity in Personal Finance!
This course is your chance to explore the fascinating intersection of personal finance, culture, and gender diversity in a fun and engaging way.

Originator: Jennifer Wilson            Posted On :   5/18/2023

Take a physics course this summer!
PHYS 1403, PHYS 1404, PHYS 1408, and PHYS 2401 are being offered in both the first and second summer sessions. These courses satisfy the core Life and Physical Sciences requirement and are required for many majors and professional health programs.

Originator: Melanie Ungar            Posted On :   5/17/2023

Want to take social action and affect family policy change? Check out FCSE 4325!
FCSE 4325-001 (30947): US Family Issues & Social Action is open for Fall 2023 registration.

Originator: Taylor Silvas            Posted On :   5/17/2023

Lights! Camera! Summer Intro to Film Studies!
Meet a requirement this summer with ENGL 2388, an async 10-week online course. Learn about the elements (cinematography, etc.) that comprise film. Learn how Hollywood tells stories. for details. Popcorn not included.

Originator: Benjamin Rogerson            Posted On :   5/17/2023

Fall 2023 Political Economy Reading Program — Scholarship Opportunity!
Apply for an invitation to participate in a one semester, non-credit reading program for undergraduate students from any field of study. Receive a $1000 scholarship upon successful completion of the program. Application deadline is May 31.

Originator: Amanda Smith            Posted On :   5/18/2023

ANTH 2306: Anthropology at the Movies (CRN: 69843), section D04 (Summer 1, 2023)
Enjoy watching iconic American and foreign films, and learn about anthropological concepts!

FULFILLS the Language, Philosophy, and Culture CORE CURRICULUM REQUIREMENT.

Originator: Lap Siu            Posted On :   5/17/2023