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New: Add a Business Minor to your Master’s Program!
Rawls is now offering a Business Minor for TTU graduate students pursuing a Master’s degree.

Originator: Melissa Martin            Posted On :   5/15/2020

SPAN 4309: Translation and Interpretation
Translation is a major marketable skill. Join a great class for Spanish majors and minors or Spanish speakers in general.

Originator: Stephanie Santos            Posted On :   5/15/2020

VIRTUAL Summer Learning Series: Freeing Yourself to Reach Your Full Potential
This Summer Learning Series, sponsored by Human Resources and Staff Senate, partners with Greg Johnston of The Student Counseling Center to present Freeing Yourself to Reach Your Full Potential.

Originator: MaClay Buie            Posted On :   5/15/2020
Academic * Departmental 

Summer 2 Online Interior Design Course!
The Department of Design is offering ID 3382: History of Interior Design in Summer II.

Originator: Erin Sopronyi            Posted On :   5/14/2020
Academic * Departmental 

This graduate seminar will explore foundational and innovative research on social influences that shape adolescent development into emerging adulthood.

Originator: Cristobal Chavez            Posted On :   5/15/2020
Academic * Departmental * Faculty/Staff Organization