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Need help with ACCT, ECO 2305, or FIN 3321? Come to SI Sessions!
Receive guaranteed study material in the form of a packet with useful learning tips and practice problems!

Originator: Erika Soto            Posted On :   12/4/2023

FREE Tutoring is available for FALL 2023!
The Learning Center offers FREE TUTORING for many undergraduate courses during the FALL 2023 semester.

Originator: Pat Bohn            Posted On :   12/4/2023

NEW! Human Sciences Education & Training Grad Certificate
Designed for Human Sciences & FCSE students who want to enhance their knowledge, skillsets, and employment possibilities by adding expertise in education and training.

Originator: Ashlee Murden            Posted On :   12/4/2023

Graduating COHS Seniors, have you considered teaching?
Become a teacher who can make a difference! The FCSE post-bac and master's degree is open to bachelor's degree holders who have not yet earned a teaching license. You can teach your subject!

Originator: Ashlee Murden            Posted On :   12/4/2023

Wellbeing collection items now available for checkout by faculty, students & staff at the Libraries.

Originator: Marcos Rubio            Posted On :   12/4/2023
Academic * Departmental 

Apply for the 2024 TTU Pre-Law Academy
Are you interested in law? Apply for the TTU Pre-Law Academy! Selected undergraduate students will earn seven credit hours during Summer I and will be more prepared to attend law school. The "early decision" application deadline is December 8, 2023.

Originator: Wendy Humphrey            Posted On :   12/4/2023

CoMC Tutors Needed for Spring 2024 - Apply Today!
The TECHniques Center is in need of CoMC tutors! If you've ever considered tutoring, please apply today! We are looking for CoMC tutors for Spring 2024.

Originator: Christian Enevoldsen            Posted On :   12/4/2023
Academic * Student Employment/Career Opportunities 

Live in Spain for one month during Summer I, 2024 and earn 6 hours of Economics credit learning about U.S. and E.U. climate and energy policies that address climate change using economic instruments and encouraging renewable energy generation!

Originator: Misak Avetisyan            Posted On :   12/4/2023

Survey Participants Needed for Study on Generative AI - deadline today
Faculty, staff and graduate student instructors are invited to participate in a study on Generative AI tools for instructors of record and those who teach.

Originator: Julie Barnett            Posted On :   12/4/2023
Research * Academic * Departmental 

In just one or two years, gain the business skills you need to get the job you want! The priority deadline for Summer 2024 is May 1st.

Originator: Lidia Jojy            Posted On :   12/4/2023

2023 Holiday Deadlines
Texas Tech University Procurement Services has established deadlines for processing transactions and establishing purchase orders / contracts / payments and travel requests during the upcoming holiday period.

Originator: Chris Gerik            Posted On :   12/4/2023
Academic * Departmental 

Online Beginning Chinese Language Course CHIN1501: Spring 2024
Do you know learning Chinese language will improve your job prospects in the government and many businesses? Take the online Chinese without meeting in the classroom.

Originator: Yanlin Wang            Posted On :   12/4/2023
Academic * Student Organization 

For information about the Cross-Cultural Studies (CCS) program visit:

Originator: Elizabeth Trejos-Castillo            Posted On :   12/4/2023

Study in Munich Summer I 2024!
Spend Summer I 2024 in Munich, Germany and experience German language, history and culture first-hand.

Originator: Anita McChesney            Posted On :   12/4/2023

Spring 2024 Graduate course in the History & Philosophy of Extension Education
Discover a distinctly American approach to education by taking HUSC 5345 History & Philosophy of Extension Education. The class explores the development of public and land-grant universities and traces the evolution of what is known as Extension.

Originator: Sara Dodd            Posted On :   12/4/2023

Winter Write-a-thon Dec. 5
Visit Library's Research Hub for writing and research help from Undergraduate Writing Center consultants and TTU librarians.

Originator: Julie Barnett            Posted On :   12/4/2023
Academic * Departmental 

PSY 5356 Seminar in Cognition & Cognitive Neuroscience - Spring 2024 MWF 9-9:50
This graduate course is designed to present the underlying assumptions and major empirical approaches in the study of cognition, cognitive neuroscience, and artificial intelligence. There are no prerequisites.

Originator: Roman Taraban            Posted On :   12/4/2023

Texas Tech will test its TechAlert! emergency communication system.

Originator: Bree Walker            Posted On :   12/4/2023
Academic * Departmental 

Study Sociology/Criminology abroad in Spain during Summer I, 2024!!!
SUMMER I, 2023! Study Cross-national Crime and Global Terrorism. OPEN TO ALL STUDENTS: DESIGNED FOR ALL CLASSIFICATIONS, including graduate students. Live in Spain for 4.5 weeks & earn 6 hours of Criminology/Sociology credit.

Originator: Martha Smithey            Posted On :   12/1/2023
Academic * Departmental 

Attention Trombonists: Join the Texas Tech Trombone Choir!
The TTU Trombone Choir, composed of faculty, students, and community residents, welcomes new members. We rehearse on Wednesdays at 5 PM beginning January 10th. Contact Professor James Decker, for further information.

Originator: James Decker            Posted On :   12/1/2023
Academic * Departmental