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Dating couples are needed to study relationship development. Both should be at least 18 years old, never married, childless, be interested in participating in a 3-phase study, and would like to be entered in a drawing for an Amazon gift card.

Originator: Caitlyn Morgan            Posted On :   4/19/2019

Jamia Wilson to Speak at Texas Tech
Jamia Wilson is many things: An activist. A feminist. A storyteller. A mediamaker. But more than anything, she is a natural-born thought leader.

Originator: Tricia Earl            Posted On :   4/19/2019
Research * Academic * Departmental 

University Spousal Hires Needed for Interview Study
Looking for those who have been hired through a spousal accommodation (either currently or in the past) who would be willing to participate in up to two interviews.

Originator: Elisabeth Mcnaughtan            Posted On :   4/19/2019

Mexican/Mexican American students (first-generation) needed for cultural study
This study is about Cultural Identity and Cinema relationship. Students will participate in a focus group for 2 hours in the University facilities, to discuss the relation between the film Roma and Mexican Culture.

Originator: Gabriel Dominguez Partida            Posted On :   4/19/2019

Participants Needed for a Neuro-imaging study- $20 Starbuck gift card
Looking for the hospitality (e.g., hotels, restaurants) and non-hospitality employees (i.e., with minimal or no customer interactions such as technicians, mechanics, loan officers, desk job, carpenters)

Originator: Danny Choi            Posted On :   4/19/2019

Congratulations to the Top URC 2019 Presentations!!
A big congratulations to the top 10 most exceptional presentations from URC 2019.

Originator: Jerylme Robins            Posted On :   4/19/2019
Research * Academic 

2019 Outstanding Faculty Mentor and Undergraduate Researcher Award Recipients
TrUE is pleased to announce the recipients of the 2019 Outstanding Faculty Mentor and Outstanding Undergraduate Researcher awards. Congratulations to Sarah Miller and Dr. Naïma Moustaïd-Moussa.

Originator: Jerylme Robins            Posted On :   4/19/2019
Research * Academic 

Healthy people of size wanted for a study- chance get a $20 Amazon gift card
We are studying beliefs and attitudes about heart health and life styles in healthy adults. You may be eligible for a questionnaire-based study (about 20 mins) if you are, healthy but overweight and between 19-45 years of age.

Originator: Nadeeja Wijayatunga            Posted On :   4/19/2019

Thin adults wanted for a research study
You may be eligible if you are, healthy, normal weight, 19-45 yrs. 1-hr visit to Department of Kinesiology, TTU. Participants who complete questionnaire, bone and body composition, waist, hip, calf circumferences and grip strength will receive $10.

Originator: Nadeeja Wijayatunga            Posted On :   4/19/2019